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Harold Fischer, LCSW

Harold Fischer, LCSW

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Sex therapy can help you through education, understanding and correcting faulty beliefs. It involves addressing feelings of fear, shame, anxiety, and confusion…and other problems that may get in the way of pleasurable experience, self-esteem, and intimacy.

During the first few sessions time will be spent clarifying the problems you are experiencing. It is quite common that people experience other difficulties along with sexual problems, such as fear of intimacy, depression, anxiety, shame or anger. Cheryl works with you to understand your complete picture and how to achieve sexual satisfaction.

Sex therapy sessions are very similar to other psychotherapy sessions… they talk about personal problems. Cheryl’s expertise is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in discussing such intimate topics. Often people hold onto their sexual concerns for years without addressing them. When confronting these concerns, there is a great sense of relief and peaceful freedom. Sex therapy similar to psychotherapy, NEVER INVOLVES SEXUAL ACTIVITY, NUDITY, OR TOUCHING in the sessions.

Cheryl Alterman, LCSW, CST is a Certified Sex Therapist and follows the same legal and ethical rules regarding confidentially and professionalism governed by the State of Florida.

Please be aware that sex therapy has nothing to do with sex addiction.

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